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Our Products

Organic Interiors

organicAlaskaBlinds.com offers a growing collection of Organic and Sustainable Drapery, Window Coverings, Fabrics, Upholstery and Bedding.

Natural Woven Shades

The craft is for the detail devoted. Natural fibers are woven by artists' hands in the parts of the world where the age-old craft is studied and respected. Every weave is as beautiful as it is unique. The shades are then hand finished to your custom requirements. Edges are meticulously sewn, liner is carefully stitched and all products are thoroughly inspected before being delivered to your project. Fashioned by craftsmen, not machines, our window coverings give your room designs warmth, elegance, refinement and a rich story of history and tradition.

Green, Organic and Sustainable Fabrics

AlaskaBlinds.com has sourced a large collection of Green, Organic and Sustainable Fabrics from around the globe. This page focuses on our line of Sustainable Silk from India.

We are now creating fabulous window fashions with sustainable silk fabrics with USA grown organic cotton linings. 145 hand woven sustainable silk colors combined with certified organic cotton sateen lining and Flannel interlining.

Organic Cotton Bedding

All of our products are machine washable. We recommend using warm water, non-phosphate soap in the washing cycle, and a cool, tumble or line dry. The best way to dry, in our opinion, is to hang dry your Coyuchi products on a clothesline outside, capturing and bringing the magic of the outside back in.

The use of bleaching agents may diminish the brilliance and depth of the colors, so we recommend not using any whiteners. But if you must, please use a non-chlorine bleach.